Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend trip

With rebuilding the Gunning section of the layout some more measurements were needed this time round to try & get the correct locations of the station & yard areas,so as the old saying goes i killed 2 birds with 1 stone.I have been trying to get down to see my grandfather since christmas but ill health has prevented me on 2 separate occasions(in hospital both times,christmas with pnumonia,easter with a chrons flair up).So after finishing work early on saturday off to the farm.On the way there i just had to stop at Gunning station and only had to wait about 20 min for a up wheat to pass behind and 81 & C.It was nearly at walking pace on the way into the station area so a few photos were taken in different
On sunday morning i headed off to Yass Junction to measure up the signal box & up station building,no trains through whilst i was there only the rail flaw detection truck,the rail grinding machine was stored in the down refuge siding. After a few more photos for reference it was back to the farm for lunch                
After lunch it was off to Gunning where i took some more measurements of the buildings & yard area,and again no trains through in the hour and a half i was there,yes sunday on the main south is very slow for rail traffic in daylight hours.But never the less it was a trip well worth it to get the info i needed & to see grandad.
 Anyhow till next time Booly                                                                                                                            
8153 & C506
Yass Junction signal box

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