Friday, 9 August 2013

Gunning Mk3

As the title suggests this post is about the 3rd attempt (and last) for the frame for the Gunning section of the layout.The 1st was dismantled when the decision was made to raise the height of the layout so i could have the upper deck as the main line & the lower as the branch line.The 2nd was dismantled when the frame was to wide to reach the rear section on the upper deck & the lower was to narrow & not high enough to fit in the S008 silo (all my stuff ups) .So the 3rd attempt has been constructed.The same method has been used as the centre section of the layout.This has got to be cheating !,a mate of mine is a kitchen cabinet maker.He came over & measured up the area,then constructed it all in his factory.The main frame is 42 X 19 pine,legs 70 X 35 pine & the backdrop on the lower deck is 16 mm custom board which also is the main strength in the frame.We installed it last Saturday after noon & now i have to find the time to get cracking on track laying.I have been tossing -up the idea of using extruded foam as the base board & laying the track directly onto the foam instead of using ply on risers as the base,still undecided on this though.
Till next time Booly.
1 of the 2 frames

The 1st in and leveled

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Rechecking level after dyna bolting to the wall

2nd in leveled  & bolted to the wall

All in & done the lower deck is 400 mm wide & the top is 800 mm,the upper & lower decks will loop round at the far end to connect to the centre section.