Friday, 26 July 2013

Crossing gates

I am always looking for the little detail things that really make a layout look even more like the real thing and lately i have been looking at level crossing gates.So a bit of research and i decided to make some basic steel tubing gates for the lower deck branch line.
I started with a drawing on paper of a 14 ft X 4 ft gate, then using large track tacks i pinned it to a off cut of 42 X 19 pine.Then i also used pins to mark out where the bends are for the center.On the top & lower corners i used drill bits to bend the wire(which is 20 thou phosphor bronze) to make up the main frame.Soldered all together and i am quite happy with the end product,just a coat of white paint and some timber posts to complete.A quick little project that will make the level crossing look good.Now to finish off the scenery so i can place it on the layout.
Till next time Booly.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What's been happening

Well i got my laptop back from getting repaired today so i better do a blog update.
I have been experimenting with LED strip lighting for the layout on the lower deck.First i purchased a strip of 3528 warm white,this was too dull so the next one i got was a strip of 5630 led's i thought  were warm white but they were white and they just don't give the desired light i am after too bright and give off a too pure white So i went to jaycar and purchased a DC regulated power supply box which is rated at 20 amps max and a p.w.m dimmer.This gave me the ability to dim the led"s but i am still not happy with the light colour so ill be back on ebay in the next few days to get some warm white strips.
Next i have been moving along with the scenery on Grabben Gullen station & surroundings,I have used extruded foam this is a lot easier to work with when compared to the usual white polystyrene (still mess but no little white balls sticking to everything) i have been using a cheap electric kitchen knife to cut out the basic shape and then using a serrated knife to do the final shaping,i will still cover with a thin layer of plaster before any ground cover goes on.
I have also been adding a few more decoders to my latest loco additions,the 2 lok sound decoders i fitted to my 422's sound great.I added LED lights to a Austrains C class & 80 an easy operation when you don't make the mistake of wiring up the led's back the front.
Anyhow till next time Booly

Not train related but i was my 3rd son Aaron's 2nd birthday today, and lets just say he enjoyed  his chocolate birthday cake !