Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Look at what just arrived

Well the wait is over the Auscision 422's are here mine just got delivered my Aust Post.Very nice indeed

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Lesson learnt

As mentioned in a previous post i was worried that the shop i had 2 of the auscision 422's ordered at would not be delivered.Well my worries were confermed.after contacting Auscision to order another 2 locos's they told me that any orders that are not directly through them will not be supplied,they fulfill all direct orders then if there are any left over the shops get them.I personally think they have underesimated how well they will sell.So i miss out on 42220 f##*!. The reason i ordered through a shop is i like to support the shops as much as i can because without the shops in my opinion the hobby wont survive, and to the shops owner he gave me a full refund  as soon as he knew of the situation.So lesson learnt in future i will order direct with the manufacturer so i wont have the disapointment of missing out on what want.On another note when i spoke to Auscision on friday they said that the 422's are on the ship now and should be here in about 1 week so the wait is nearly over.Till next time Booly

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Track Laying

The track laying has been going at a rapid rate on the Yass side of the layout & i have also finally attached the base boards for the storage yards & layed the track.Before i dismantled the original centre section which houses Yass & Jerrawa i took measurements so i could relay the track the same,thankfully it worked,it all went down the same.The end sections for the upper & lower decks have been constructed & fitted.I have worked out the manual point switching mechanisms for  all 40 + points on the upper deck of the layout,but i will save that for another post.
I contacted Auscision during the week(the wait is nearly over,(6 weeks they said) & ordered 2 422'S,Bicentenial 18 & reverse 12.The Bicentenial will replace the Lima one i repowered with a athern mech & fitted with a TC-1 decoder(might be up for sale),hopefully the other 2 422's i ordered through a shop will get supplied as well cause if i miss out on these 2 ill be very annoyed especially as 1 of these 2 is 42220 which is listed as sold out before they even arrive & when i was speeking to Auscision they said that a rerun of the 422's would not happen for at least 2- 3 years,and the rerun might include the later liveries they carry in private ownership.
Yass leading around to the storage yards on the right
Close-up of the upper & lower ends
Anyhow till next time Booly
Storage yards
I had to slightly modify the stair landing, this is the door from inside the house to the layout room

Drop down bridge up