Saturday, 8 June 2013

Epping exhibition

Went up to the Epping Exhibition today for a bit of a look & to lighten the wallet a little !,now i dont like to critisise other peoples efforts but i felt that the standard of the layouts bar a few were a bit average.Now onto the wallet lightening :- 4 WHX,3 BDL & 3 BDX kits from AR KIT's,Trainorama MHG pack 9 & BWH pack 9,Laser Rail Bit's timber single line bridge,Model's N More elevated timber signal box kit,some Auscision 2CM bogies for the WTY wheat wagons,1 Silvermaz TRC kit & 2 Locsound decoders & speakers for 2 of my 4 Auscision 422 loco's.Well looking at that list i think i done a bit more than lighten my wallet i gave it a bit of a hiding.
Tonight i installed both decoders & speakers to 42216 & 42212,it took all of about 10 minutes to do both,just solder the 2 wires that are already soldered onto the decoder to the speaker & plug in,honestly it is that easy !.Now to get my NCE power cab fixed so that i can program them.
Then i constructed the road bridge. Now it must be said that anyone who does not like a kit that is easy to build this kit is not for you.The quality of this kit is just fantastic,all components are cut to length,fit perfectly & go together easily,it took all of about an hour to have a finished bridge.Rod from Laser Rail Bit's is to be congratulated on a great product. Checkout his Blog .
Anyhow Till next time Booly

Friday, 7 June 2013

Storage yard cover

Just a quick post with a few photos of the cover for the storage yards to keep the dust off loco's & rolling stock when the layout is not in use.the frame is made from 42X19 mm pine & covered with 3mm mdf board.The rear against the wall is 1 fixed section 1/2 the width and the front is 3 sections that are hinged to gain access to the yards,all joints are sealed with self adhesive foam strip.
Anyhow till next time Booly