Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An issue of height

Upon starting construction of the layout the height above floor level was not realy considered,there was a bench already running along 1 wall of the garage so i just continued at that level which is 950 mm.After seeing Bowen Creek at the Thornleigh exhibition the height of my layout came into question,i realy liked the way a layout looks at just below eye level.So after much pondering i have decided to lift the layout up to 1550 mm,as Andrew Campbell said  in an article in AMRM it is your layout and you are the person who is going to use it 99% of the time,and how true is that,so up it goes,The only problem is how to do it as the centre section is already built & track layed,time to get the thinking cap on & decide,will let followers know on this one in a couple of weeks when i get the time to do it,Till next time Booly

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