Friday, 11 May 2012

Making a start

Well in my previous post i said that i was going to lift the layout up,last night i removed all the track i had already layed as Gunning.The shelf module above Gunning which is Dalton will now sit under the new top tier of Gunning and at the front,alway hard removing track already layed when you look at the time & effort put in,but i wanted to change the way a few things were done anyway.Another trip to bunnings on the way to buy some more timber is on the cards.

Also a chance to clean up the mess
The main photo on my blog page of Gunning station was taken in mid 2010 and only abut 2 weeks later when talking to my grandfather he said that the station roofs had been replaced.The local residents & historical society aparently knew nothing about it,they were all having a heart attack thinking that they were starting to tear down the station,but after some questions were asked they were relieved to learn that the leaking roof was being replaced.So the roof is now plain old silver instead of the heritage brown.Till next time Booly

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