Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Weekend of no modelling

As the title of the post says there was no work on the layout this weekend,a busy week end at the drag racing,modelling is a past time which i enjoy when i am not competition drag racing,this weekend was the nitro champs at sydney dragway which is a major event,3 long days at the track,to tired to concentrate in the evening to model,so i took the time in the evenings to set up the blog site with other sites i enjoy following.It is always interesting to log on & check up on other blogs to see what other modellers have been up to,1st for ideas & 2nd for motorvation.1 thing i have realised when you pick a area to model is that you end up learning a fair bit about the history of the area.As i said in my opening post my interest in the Gunning area comes from my grandparents living in a small country town called Dalton,they own a 1400 acre farm on the Jerrawa road 1/2 way between Dalton & Jerrawa.Speeking to my grandfather who is nearly 91 years old about the history of the area & the railway is always very interesting.The closest Station to the farm is one that is no longer there Oolong,his memory of when he was a lot younger was having to cart fruit & vegatables to Oolong  by 4pm to make the pick-up on the mixed up pick-up goods to get it to Sydney for the markets next morning is still fresh in his memory & he said it was always 57 class,i hope my memory is still that good if i live that long.On 1 visit he said that a lady he knows at Jerrawa has a lot of old photos of Jerrawa station,we went for a visit & he was not lying,photos from the very early 1900's when it was still a single line up till the station got demolished in 1985,unfortunatly i only have photo copys of a few,on my next visit i plan to take a digital scaner & get a lot more & with her permission i will post a few of these there are some great shots.Any way thats it for now more to come during the week.

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