Saturday, 18 January 2014

Main South Photos

Just a few photos from my trip down to the main south last week.
Railmotor at Jerrawa on hire to ARTC 

Triple NR's at Gunning on a up loaded steel

Same NR's at Fish River

And at Cullerin top bridge
The next few are of the combo of double 81's 8101 & 8184 not that often you get the first & last of a class together !
Between fish river & Cullerin
At Cullerin lower bridge

Double NR's & 8250 at Oolong top bridge

81's at the former site of Oolong station
 All the above photos were taken on Wednesday evening in about 2 hours not a bad way to spend a few hours.
And last one is between Jannali & Sutherland on a down steel with the combo of NR,93,93 & NR , the 2 93's were off line