Monday, 31 December 2012

Tuff decision

With the holiday season on us & the chance to close my workshop for 2 weeks,i decided to tackle the task of lifting the centre section of the layout which houses Yass & Jerrawa.This is quite a large section 20Ft X 4FT.I started with a high lift trolley jack from work &  'T' support pieceof 3 X 2 and starting at 1 end jacked up & chocked each leg as i went untill i reached the other end & kept working back & forth.I got it up about 1 ft and then realised that the way i was going to place the main support legs was not going to work @#$@@##!.( im a mechanic/race engine builder NOT a carpenter)So A Quick call to 1 of my customers Tristan from work and he came over & had a look at what ive done & what I want to do.
So on his sugestion i have come to realise that the only way to do what i want is to pull it all down & start again.So we measured up what i want & he has already started on the new section and said he should have it ready for me next week,What a legend !.
So now the task of ripping up all the track & wiring that was already done,a bit heart breaking but i will end up with a lot better & stronger layout.So what i will end up with is the top deck at 1450 mm high and 1200mm wide then the branch line running 370mm underneath @ 250mm in from the edge.
Thats all for now tomorrow im off to see my grandfather at Dalton,on the way down im stop in at Goulburn railway museum  to have a look & then on Friday im going to Crookwell to get some photos & have a look round the yard.
Till next time happy modelling. Booly.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The Fat man came early

Well ill start with the reason for the lack of posts,none at all just been slack.
Next i wish all fellow modellers a Merry Xmas & happy new year.
Well as the post is named the fat man came early we all know the only way to get what you want for christmas is to get your own presents.So last night after work i went out to Casula Hobbies.As usual Ross was behind the counter & greated me as i entered,it is always a pleasure to go there, all the staff are friendly & helpfull.
So i picked out a pack of Auscision NLKY Louvere vans on the counter & Ross picked it out in one guess."buying yourself a christmas present are we",then Lorrie walked in later & said the same thing,Classic how we all think the same.
As mentioned several posts ago i had started building a few Ian Lindsay Models NLKY wagons[they are nearly ready for painting]now i have the Auscision ones to use as a guide for the underfloor detail.
Also i have been building a few Casula Pc 1's for the branch line these are so easy to put together.
New out of the box they wont stay this clean for to long