Thursday, 24 May 2012

Frame work

Over the last few nights i have been able to get the frame constructed for the new Gunning side of the layout.As i said in a previous post i had the timber cut to length by a cabinet maker,all good for the frame but when it came to the legs i have worked out that the garage floor is far from level,now i know that i has to have slight fall but it is all over the place! so i have had to adjust a few of the lenghts of the legs to suit.I have also carefully removed the Dalton part off the wall,had the painstaking task of having to cut through scenery & trackwork to do it,so when this is relocated i will have to patch up a bit of scenery,but at least it did not get damaged in the process.Any how till next time Booly.
Top frame
Completed frame
The hight difference to the original on the left

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