Thursday, 24 May 2012

Frame work

Over the last few nights i have been able to get the frame constructed for the new Gunning side of the layout.As i said in a previous post i had the timber cut to length by a cabinet maker,all good for the frame but when it came to the legs i have worked out that the garage floor is far from level,now i know that i has to have slight fall but it is all over the place! so i have had to adjust a few of the lenghts of the legs to suit.I have also carefully removed the Dalton part off the wall,had the painstaking task of having to cut through scenery & trackwork to do it,so when this is relocated i will have to patch up a bit of scenery,but at least it did not get damaged in the process.Any how till next time Booly.
Top frame
Completed frame
The hight difference to the original on the left

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekend trip

With rebuilding the Gunning section of the layout some more measurements were needed this time round to try & get the correct locations of the station & yard areas,so as the old saying goes i killed 2 birds with 1 stone.I have been trying to get down to see my grandfather since christmas but ill health has prevented me on 2 separate occasions(in hospital both times,christmas with pnumonia,easter with a chrons flair up).So after finishing work early on saturday off to the farm.On the way there i just had to stop at Gunning station and only had to wait about 20 min for a up wheat to pass behind and 81 & C.It was nearly at walking pace on the way into the station area so a few photos were taken in different
On sunday morning i headed off to Yass Junction to measure up the signal box & up station building,no trains through whilst i was there only the rail flaw detection truck,the rail grinding machine was stored in the down refuge siding. After a few more photos for reference it was back to the farm for lunch                
After lunch it was off to Gunning where i took some more measurements of the buildings & yard area,and again no trains through in the hour and a half i was there,yes sunday on the main south is very slow for rail traffic in daylight hours.But never the less it was a trip well worth it to get the info i needed & to see grandad.
 Anyhow till next time Booly                                                                                                                            
8153 & C506
Yass Junction signal box


On friday night i got stuck into the frames of Gunning,lengths of 42 x 19 pine form the top frame & 70 x 35 on the legs.I done the smart thing this time round regarding cutting.One of my customers at work is a kitchen maker,so i had him cut all the lengths of timber(no more using a mitre box and short/not square cuts).This made life so much easier i had the 2 frames together in no time.Still got the drama of relocating the Dalton station module off the wall and attatching it to the front underneath of this new section with out damaging it.Anyhow till next time Booly.(photos to follow)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Going,Going ,Gone

Finally had the chance the other night to dismantle the base boards for Gunning,my little $45 cordless from bunnings made life a lot easier undoing all those screws.I have decided to have a frame height of 1400mm with the track height at 1500mm,this will allow me to have the scenery falling towards the front of the layout as it does at Gunning,the layout is veiwed as if you are standing behind the cattle yards for the people who know the layout of the Gunning yard.

Anyhow time to clean up the mess & start on the construction of the new frame.This weekend im going down to see my grandfather & get some more measurements & photos of Yass junction & Gunning.Tll next time Booly.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Making a start

Well in my previous post i said that i was going to lift the layout up,last night i removed all the track i had already layed as Gunning.The shelf module above Gunning which is Dalton will now sit under the new top tier of Gunning and at the front,alway hard removing track already layed when you look at the time & effort put in,but i wanted to change the way a few things were done anyway.Another trip to bunnings on the way to buy some more timber is on the cards.

Also a chance to clean up the mess
The main photo on my blog page of Gunning station was taken in mid 2010 and only abut 2 weeks later when talking to my grandfather he said that the station roofs had been replaced.The local residents & historical society aparently knew nothing about it,they were all having a heart attack thinking that they were starting to tear down the station,but after some questions were asked they were relieved to learn that the leaking roof was being replaced.So the roof is now plain old silver instead of the heritage brown.Till next time Booly

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An issue of height

Upon starting construction of the layout the height above floor level was not realy considered,there was a bench already running along 1 wall of the garage so i just continued at that level which is 950 mm.After seeing Bowen Creek at the Thornleigh exhibition the height of my layout came into question,i realy liked the way a layout looks at just below eye level.So after much pondering i have decided to lift the layout up to 1550 mm,as Andrew Campbell said  in an article in AMRM it is your layout and you are the person who is going to use it 99% of the time,and how true is that,so up it goes,The only problem is how to do it as the centre section is already built & track layed,time to get the thinking cap on & decide,will let followers know on this one in a couple of weeks when i get the time to do it,Till next time Booly

Monday, 7 May 2012

A few weathering jobs

Just a quick few photos of recent weathering attempts,still learning but getting better with each attempt.Also have been adding interiors to some old FS & BS trax/Powerline cars.

<> 4894 went abit to heavy on this one live & learn


Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Weekend of no modelling

As the title of the post says there was no work on the layout this weekend,a busy week end at the drag racing,modelling is a past time which i enjoy when i am not competition drag racing,this weekend was the nitro champs at sydney dragway which is a major event,3 long days at the track,to tired to concentrate in the evening to model,so i took the time in the evenings to set up the blog site with other sites i enjoy following.It is always interesting to log on & check up on other blogs to see what other modellers have been up to,1st for ideas & 2nd for motorvation.1 thing i have realised when you pick a area to model is that you end up learning a fair bit about the history of the area.As i said in my opening post my interest in the Gunning area comes from my grandparents living in a small country town called Dalton,they own a 1400 acre farm on the Jerrawa road 1/2 way between Dalton & Jerrawa.Speeking to my grandfather who is nearly 91 years old about the history of the area & the railway is always very interesting.The closest Station to the farm is one that is no longer there Oolong,his memory of when he was a lot younger was having to cart fruit & vegatables to Oolong  by 4pm to make the pick-up on the mixed up pick-up goods to get it to Sydney for the markets next morning is still fresh in his memory & he said it was always 57 class,i hope my memory is still that good if i live that long.On 1 visit he said that a lady he knows at Jerrawa has a lot of old photos of Jerrawa station,we went for a visit & he was not lying,photos from the very early 1900's when it was still a single line up till the station got demolished in 1985,unfortunatly i only have photo copys of a few,on my next visit i plan to take a digital scaner & get a lot more & with her permission i will post a few of these there are some great shots.Any way thats it for now more to come during the week.

Friday, 4 May 2012


Well the blog is only a few days old & 3 posts.As i said in my opening blog the layout has been under construction for about 2 years,so i have got a lot of catching up to do with getting followers up todate.Now on to Jerrawa,the basic main line layout is as per prototype with island platform & up loop,now the yard is where the modellers licence comes into play with a stock/loading bank siding,goods siding & down loop.The station building is a modified Casula PC3,after following Ray P's Bylong blog i seen he had modified a PC3 to suit an island platform,so on 1 of my many visits to Casula Hobbies,Joe had a spare awning out of a damaged kit(thanks Joe)modified it to suit as per Ray P's photos,added ladies toilet,just the awning supports to add.The goods shed is a scratch built G1b out of styrene.

Awning supports & water tanks yet to be added

Goods shed
Veiw of Jerrawa on right,on left is Yass

Loading bank

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dalton station

Just a quick post on Dalton station,this is just a small single line,with a passing loop & goods & stock siding.the goods shed is a copy of the Yass Town out of shed,the station building & platform is a Casula PC2 building,at the far end of the yard will eventually be a 60Ft turn table

Goods shed

Station & surrounds
Looking back towards stock yards

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Starting at last

Well after following a lot of nsw related model railway blogs for some time i have decided to create one of my own.The location is based on the main south between Gunning & Yass junction with a modelers licence for a few changes to add a different operating angle on things.The intrest in the area comes from my grandparents living at a nearby town at Dalton about 10 minutes in land from Gunning.The period of modeling is late 70's to mid 80's.The layout is a continus run around my 23 x 15 ft garage,stations being Gunning,a slightly modified Jerrawa & Yass Junction & a small 2 nd teir Dalton.The layout has been under construction for about 2 years & progress is at time fast & others it can be abit slow.In the comming weeks when i learn how to attatch photos i will endevour to add photos & updates of projects completed,under construction(which seams to be plenty)and share my modeling with all who wish to follow.