Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More on Crookwell

Well after the last post showing the trackwork its time to show the progress of this section of the layout.The polystyrene foam was glued down & shaped with a sharp knife and what a mess this makes as we all know.Next after i was happy with the basic shape i cover the foam with plaster with brick oxide mixed in to take away the white look and also as a base colour.I start out with the mix fairly thin and brush it on,then as it starts to go off i shape by hand,laytex gloves and a bowl of water helps with  this part.I also cover the trackwork with masking tape.After the plaster has set(seams to take for ever in this cold weather)i start to add the ground cover,dirt i have gathered from various places is seived to use as the base,then sprinklings of woodlands fine turf in different colours,add a bit of course turf,then its time for the static grass,here i have used different brands & colours.I made an aplicator for the static grass from some instructions that Gary at Model Railroad Craftsman  gave me on a visit.For all of about $40 it sure beats the price of buying one.Anyhow a picture says a thousand words as they say,so here are some.

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