Monday, 23 July 2012

Wiring done

Well just completed the wiring for the crookwell section of the layout,test run 4803 up & down all track,no shorts or derailments. Its just a simple power bus with track droppers to all lengths of track no matter how short they are,do not rely on fish plates to carry power they are there to join track only.The wire in tube point switches i made work a treat,and as i said in my last post each one was made for $5,just a bit of time to make the brackets.For those interested i used 39 thou piano wire,1/8 OD brass tube,25thou flat brass for the mounting brackets cut to 1/2 inch lengths with a 1/8 mounting hole,1x1 inch alloy angle for the switch brackets & STDP slide switches from jaycar.The next step for this section is to start the scenery(time to make a mess with the polystyreen foam).On another note i was talking to my uncle tonite and he menchaned that there has been a passing loop layed at Gunning station behind the up platform where the line use to run in front of the cattle dock siding.Will have to make the trip down there in a few weeks to investigate and get some photos,also mite go to Crookwell to get some photos as well.
tube & mounting brackets
Switch wiring black & red track power,green for frog power.
(well frogs are green)
4803 in the stock siding.
Anyhow till next time Booly 

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