Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gettin tanked

Carrying on from the last post i managed to find the time to nearly finish the tank & stand.Since this is the first time i have used timber to construct i had to change my method of painting & weathering,first i used floquil grimy black heavily thinned as the first coat,then tamiya jn grey thinned with isocol & finaly tamiya red again thinned with isocol to represent the red lead.As for the water inlet i used a spare brake cylinder from a silvermaz S wagon kit & air tank from a BD wagon kit as the float,a length of 20 thou brass wire to connect the float to the inlet valve & 1.2 mm welding wire as the inlet pipe.Overall i am  happy with the end result.
Anyhow till next time, Booly.

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