Thursday, 4 October 2012


Well giday all ,last weekend i made the yearly trip to Liverpool for the exhibition,and what a exhibition it was,a big congratulations to AMRA for a fantastic event.So while i was there i lightened the wallet with a few purchaces,first was a Trainorama pack 7 of MHG's,very nice.2nd was a double action runway 13 air brush,tryed it out the other night on painting the Crookwell station building & was happy with the results,very different to use compared with my single action $30 air brush i have been using.But never the less practice makes perfect.
In a previous post i menchaned that my uncle told me there had been a new siding layed at Gunning station behind the up platform,well on Monday i went & checked it out.It appears to be a siding for the track maintance equipment as it is only layed on pressed steel sleepers & old rail.
the 2 traino mhg's & an old trax at the rear
Next post hopefully will be on a completed Crookwell station till next time .Booly.

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