Friday, 20 July 2012

Crookwell progress

Well since my last post i have been busy getting the base board & track down.I have also been pondering on which way i was going to go in regards to switching the points & frog polarity.Since this is a terminous station & wont see much traffic, the cost of tortoise point motors would add another $300 to the cost($300 better spent on another Auscision 422 when they are released) so i have been looking in to wire in tube using a DPST switch.After a trip to Jaycar to get more wire for the track droppers i found the perfect switch,DPST & the slide distance is spoton for the peco point throw.So off to the hobby wholesalers near my workshop to buy some brass tube & piano wire.I just made a simple bracket off the side of the baseboard support beams.Worked out the brass tube & wire lengths soldered on 2 brackets to the tube to screw down & hey presto cheap point switches.Also my Auscicion goods shed turned up,all in all a good model,just 1 front support beam to fix up under the decking.

Simple but it works,i can make each one for about $5


Looking down towards the station area

Anyhow till next time Booly

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