Friday, 18 October 2013

InFront Wine RTC

At the recent Liverpool exhibition I purchased 2 InFront McWilliams Wine tankers .I am currently about 2/3 rds of the way through constructing the 1st kit.This in my opinion an excellent kit,all instructions are well written & the photos of the completed kit & prototype are of great assistance.The main part to get right is the stand offs, if these are out the whole wagon will not go together properly,but taking time & patience as with any kit the end product is quite rewarding.
I also purchased another 2 Auscision 422's & 1 pack or Eureka NSSF sheep wagons. This brings the current Auscision 422 roster to 6.Only another 4 sound decoders to now buy.
Now on the layout front the track laying on the Gunning section is now nearly complete & wiring is about to start,so hopefully in the next few weeks i can run trains around the whole layout.
Till next time Booly.

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