Friday, 26 July 2013

Crossing gates

I am always looking for the little detail things that really make a layout look even more like the real thing and lately i have been looking at level crossing gates.So a bit of research and i decided to make some basic steel tubing gates for the lower deck branch line.
I started with a drawing on paper of a 14 ft X 4 ft gate, then using large track tacks i pinned it to a off cut of 42 X 19 pine.Then i also used pins to mark out where the bends are for the center.On the top & lower corners i used drill bits to bend the wire(which is 20 thou phosphor bronze) to make up the main frame.Soldered all together and i am quite happy with the end product,just a coat of white paint and some timber posts to complete.A quick little project that will make the level crossing look good.Now to finish off the scenery so i can place it on the layout.
Till next time Booly.

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