Sunday, 31 March 2013

Yass Junction yard light

Over the long week end i went down the farm to visit my grand father & uncle and on saturday i went out to Yass Junction station to get some more photos and was supprised to see that at the northern end of the yard that there is still a yard light still standing.Now this is something i had missed on all my previous visits,this light use to provide light to the water column on the up loop and the water tank use to be located just behind the light and was a single panel tank on a double teir steel stand & was a covered tank which served several purposes,1 to help stop the water from freezing during winter & keep out the birds.

Some photos can be seen on the Westonlangford web page as well as some other fantastic pictures on Yass Junction.I also done some measurements on the Grain storage depot,this is going to be quite a large building at 521mm long  301mm wide plus the outloading bin & shute,i am going to have to slightly change the track layout to fit it in.In the 2 hours i spent there i seen the down Griffith 2 car Explorer set,down XPT,up empty seel with triple NR's & up PN grain with double 81"s.

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