Monday, 31 December 2012

Tuff decision

With the holiday season on us & the chance to close my workshop for 2 weeks,i decided to tackle the task of lifting the centre section of the layout which houses Yass & Jerrawa.This is quite a large section 20Ft X 4FT.I started with a high lift trolley jack from work &  'T' support pieceof 3 X 2 and starting at 1 end jacked up & chocked each leg as i went untill i reached the other end & kept working back & forth.I got it up about 1 ft and then realised that the way i was going to place the main support legs was not going to work @#$@@##!.( im a mechanic/race engine builder NOT a carpenter)So A Quick call to 1 of my customers Tristan from work and he came over & had a look at what ive done & what I want to do.
So on his sugestion i have come to realise that the only way to do what i want is to pull it all down & start again.So we measured up what i want & he has already started on the new section and said he should have it ready for me next week,What a legend !.
So now the task of ripping up all the track & wiring that was already done,a bit heart breaking but i will end up with a lot better & stronger layout.So what i will end up with is the top deck at 1450 mm high and 1200mm wide then the branch line running 370mm underneath @ 250mm in from the edge.
Thats all for now tomorrow im off to see my grandfather at Dalton,on the way down im stop in at Goulburn railway museum  to have a look & then on Friday im going to Crookwell to get some photos & have a look round the yard.
Till next time happy modelling. Booly.

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